MORONI (20s-30s) LEAD – Nephite son of a farmer and gallant war hero. He is a young military soldier who unexpectedly rises to Chief Captain and Commander of the Nephite Legions during the most insurmountable battle of his people’s history. Strong, handsome, and magnetic. He lives and breathes to maintain his people’s liberty and secure their safety.

AMALICKIAH (20s-30s) LEAD – A Nephite noble-born, kingship-seeking son of a Judge. Large, strong, and a master manipulator. He also rises to High Captain in the army before he defects.

TAMAR (20s) SUPPORTING – Lamanite prized daughter of King Lamoni. Ethereally beautiful with the heart of Mother Teresa. She is instrumental in bridging the gap between the converted Lamanites and the Nephites.

ARCHEANTUS (40s) SUPPORTING – Father of Moroni and High Captain in the Nephite army. A farmer, with the heart and skill of “Maximus”.

LEHI (20s-30s) SUPPORTING – Strapping soldier and best friend to Moroni. He also rises to captainship within the army.

TEANCUM (20s-30s) SUPPORTING – 6’ plus large and exceptionally rigorous warrior and friend to Moroni who also rises to captainship within the army. Plays a critical role in the second film as well.

AHA (20s) SUPPORTING – younger brother to Lehi. More of an average build, slightly less self-assured. Good with the bow and arrow.

AMMORON (20s-30s) SUPPORTING – Nephite younger brother to Amalickiah and accomplice in all of his scheming, often adding perceived validity to his brother’s lies.

ALMA (50s-60s) SUPPORTING – A Nephite warrior prophet with wit. He adds wisdom and unexpected comic relief throughout the film. He plays an active role in both the spiritual and military influence on Moroni throughout the film.

NEPHIHAH (50s-60s) SUPPORTING – Nephite political leader and Chief Judge. A faithful prefect.

CHIEF CAPTAIN ZERIC (40s-50s) SUPPORTING – Faithful and strong but also ready to pass the baton. Chief Captain of the Nephite legions before Moroni. Father of Lehi and Aha.

ANTIPUS (30s-40s) SUPPORTING – A bodacious Nephite blacksmith, turned military spy. Much of the comic relief in the film instigates from his character.

AMMON (30s) SUPPORTING – Son of King Mosiah, a traveler; an evangelist, who is also a mighty warrior. He is instrumental in the conversion of King Lamoni and his people; later called the Ammonites.

AARON (30s) SUPPORTING – Ammon’s brother and not far behind him in strength, devotion, and skill as a warrior.

HELAMAN (20s-30S) SUPPORTING – Son of Alma. A priest, who later becomes the next prophet, and also rises as a military Captain in the next film.

ISABEL (20s) SUPPORTING – a beautiful and irresistible Nephite temptress, who puts moves on Moroni.

MALNIN (40s) SUPPORTING – A Nephite turned Lamanite. Chief Captain of a Lamanite Army. In favor of usurping his former country. A Schemer.

SHAMON (40s) SUPPORTING – Nephite turned Lamanite. Chief Captain of a Lamanite army who confederates with Malnin in the second battle.

ZERAHEMNAH (30s-40s) SUPPORTING – A ruthless Lamanite-born Chief Commander of the Lamanite armies seeking to be a king. He confederates with Zoram of Antionum to seek monarchy.

ZORAM (40s) SUPPORTING –  Nephite dissenter and leader of the Zoramites; a group of independents from the Nephite government who still occupy Nephite land. He confederates with Zerahemnah to seek monarchy.

LAMANITE SPY (30s) SUPPORTING – A resourceful, skilled, and stealth Lamanite warrior. A master schemer.

LAMONI’S QUEEN (40s) PRINCIPLE – Queen of King Lamoni.

ABISH (30s) PRINCIPLE – Lamanite-born maidservant to King Lamoni’s queen and to Tamar. Also a faithful prophetess.

KING MOSIAH (60s-70s) PRINCIPLE – The beloved, age-ailing last king of the Nephites with the character of Job. He ushers in the Reign of Judges, voluntarily giving up his kingship in favor of liberty under a newly-formed republic.

MORONI II (50s-60s) FEATURED – The last mortal Nephite in the New World, circa 450 A.D. He has a small cameo in the beginning of the film. Old, but still surprisingly athletic. A lone survivor.